GHE Expedition Pricing

GHE Expeditions offer our travelers an experience of a lifetime and give them a chance to create a life-long impact on the lives of the communities they visit, leaving behind a remarkable legacy.

As part of our expeditions, our customers will travel with us to the remote communities, setup the solar grids, experience the local culture and cuisine and bring years of darkness in the villages to an end with Solar energy.

GHE Expedition Price includes

  1. All your logistics including hotels, airport transfers, breakfast, lunch, dinner and the camping charges on the expedition
  2. The cost of the Solar Grid Materials is divided amongst all the participants and is part of your expedition fee
  3. Govt taxes and permit fees
  4. Any sightseeing local entry fees
  5. GHE operating expenses and profits

Each expedition has a different pricing which is based on variable factors such as:

  1. Number of Days of Expedition
  2. Size of Village which determines the Solar Grid cost
  3. Number of team members on the expedition

In order to ensure the best cost, we request you to fill out the below mentioned form and we will get back to you with costing of the expedition based on the above factors.

Typically our expedition costs vary between $1500 to $3500, depending on which expedition you choose and the number of days of the expedition.

Once you fill out the google form, we will get back to you with an appropriate quote for the expedition.

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