GHE 2017

Every great journey eventually comes to an end, but not before paving way for an even better one the next time.

GHE 2016 was an amazing, one of its kind, expedition that light up the 2500 year old Phugtal Monastery. GHE 2017 promises to be even better and bigger.

Spread over 15 days, packed with all kinds of action, from lighting up the remotest village in Himalayas, to 9 days of trekking, 2 days of Grade 4 Rafting, 1 day of mountain biking and camping in some of the most picturesque locations in the world, the trip promises all of what is a once in a lifetime experience.

Lack of access to electricity has been one of the major challenges faced by these communities. For the last 2 years, GHE has been focusing towards creating a sustainable off grid power generation solutions for these thousand-year-old villages located at an altitude of over 12000ft. Till date, GHE has brought electricity to 25 remote Himalayan villages.

This year, in June 2017, team GHE plans to lighten up the remotest village of Ladakh nestled in the Zanskar valley called Village Shade. The village comprises of 16 Households with a population of 80. The task of electrification will be completed with a carefully selected team of 25 individuals from all over the Globe.

Listed below are the key highlights of the June 2017 expedition

  • Experiencing the sustainable livelihood of the Zanskar civilization 9 Days of
  • 9 Days of Trekking through Zanskar valley
  • 2 Days of Rafting on Zanskar River
  • 1 Day of Mountain Biking
  • 10 nights of camping in the Zanskar Valley Himalayas
  • Setting up Solar micro-grids for Village Shade and Lighting it up for the first time ever!

Join us and be part of the story to electrify the remotest village in Himalayas.

Expedition Details
The Global Himalayan Expedition Trek is challenging and hard. This means you will often venture into more remote country and will cross mountain passes above 17000ft. Trekking altitudes are relatively at average around 14000ft. The trek is suitable for anyone who has trekked for longer days before and have had experience in trekking in high altitude areas. The expedition also involves a day of mountain biking on rough mountain road and Rafting for 2 days at Grade V rapids. GHE encourages only fit and experienced candidates to apply for GHE 2017.
Distance covered during the expedition:
Trek Distance: - 150Kms
Cycling Distance: - 40Kms
Rafting Distance: - 110Kms
Distance by road: - 560Kms
Climate and Temperature
Average day time temperature on the trek is 20 deg C and night time temperatures could drop to 10 deg C. However you should be ready for inclement weather in any case as weather has become highly unpredictable and can change quickly at altitudes. As comically seen, it is said that in Ladakh one can get sun stroke and frost bite at the same time! This tells us a lot about the type of weather that you must expect.
Passport, VISA & Vaccinations
It is necessary that all travelers to India obtain a tourist visa before departure. visa is required for EU passport holders. Holders of non-EU passports are advised to check whether they require a visa. There are no compulsory vaccinations although it is strongly recommended that you are vaccinated against: Typhoid; Hepatitis A and B. Tetanus and polio vaccinations should also be up to date at the time of travel. You should contact your doctor prior to travel to obtain these vaccinations.
Medical Aid
The Expedition takes us through remote regions where professional medical help may not be available. We carry with us a comprehensive medical first-aid kit advised by doctor. Besides our Tour Leaders, who are not much qualified medically, we will have a separate paramedic who is competent enough to give first-aid if and when required. Carry any and all personal medication that you may need, and its an absolute must to let us know well in advance should you be suffering from any particular ailment.

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