Global Himalayan Expedition


Shama Amalean
IAE 2014 Alumni & Retail Merchandising Manager, New York
Joining hands in an unknown land to bring electricity to the beautiful people of Sumdha Chenmo was an extraordinary experience; one which not only cultivated strong friendships but also showcased the power of the human spirit when we come together to achieve greater good.
Esther Wong
IAE 2013 Alumni, HongKong
Very seldom are we given the opportunity to make a measurable impact in the world. To be part of a team that helped to set up solar grids in the village of Sumda Chenmo, and seeing the pure joy on the villagers' faces when we turned on the lights for the first time, is something I will never forget.
Rolf F. Palgaard
Chief Operating Officer – Capana Group
GHE was for me an opportunity to bring back focus, dedication and a broader perspective to my life – it was extremely enriching and inspirational to see-, live with- and change the lives of the people in Sumda Chenmo. I can urge anyone who feels they want to do more with their life, to take the leap and join the cause of “improving sustainability worldwide” and GHE is the perfect place to start this journey.
Archi Verma
Consultant, Qualitative Research, TNS Dubai
The journey you undertake with GHE, is a journey unlike any other.  As you are thrown against the bare and stark backdrop of the Himalayas, you learn to overcome your fears, challenge your limits and appreciate the beauty around you. In between conquering peaks and battling cold and sun, you befriend kindred spirits, and unite with those who were once strangers, to bring ‘light’ to a shared dream (Sumda Chenmo)!

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